Welcome to the Klingon Order Website

28.07.2008 12:48:02
Thanks to Cryptic !!!

We are carrying our tradition into the future with the inclusion of Klingons to Star Trek Online.

We'll still be playing Elite Force II, So if you want to play a good MP shooter online, we're not going anywhere. Also we play Legacy.

We are a leading Star Trek games Klingon Clan who are now going to be growing into Star Trek Online.
Grab your Batleth and sign up. We have lot's of fun planned for you.

We will be doing much site maintenance and updating as KO was not well prepared for playing in the STO game. Klingons have only recently been added into this experience - and we're going to be coming in a big way !!!
Are you coming here from the Star Trek Online community? If so welcome to where the action is.

Join us

Get your old copy of Elite Force II (or buy one from the internet) and see it come into new life today!!!
We have online games and you can jump right in on the action. We will be hosting exclusive Batleth only matches. We will be having training and community events.
written by Gilligan
Will (KO) be playing this ? - could be
22.02.2006 12:57:21

Im not gonna try to describe it for you, this is a must see.

written by Gilligan
He should have waited for the new Voyager EF2 mod
10.02.2006 01:55:11
According to the SUN newspaper in LONDON - A Star Trek fan has just filed for bankruptcy after spending almost $71,000 converting his home into Starship Voyager.

Tony Alleyne, 52, wanted to convert his studio home in Hinckley, Leicestershire, into the TV spacecraft.

The home has molded walls, touch-panel blue lighting, a life-size model of the shows transporter room and a command console.

The former DJ also reshaped his windows to look like portholes and set up vertical lights so he can pretend to be beamed up

He caused the split from his wife Georgina after he replaced their fridge with a "warp coil"

He may have to sell his home now if anyone is interested.

I wonder if he knows that the EF2 mod of Voyager and crew is coming soon - re:CONFLICT OF INTEREST
written by Gilligan
Elite Force 3 ?? KO asks Betesda the Obvious
07.02.2006 03:29:53
In an exclusively sent email, KO asked Betesda software what do they have in mind as far as a new shooter....

I told them that our community wanted to know the low.....

Not so new Official reponse direct from the publisher:

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Subject : RE: game_question

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Right now our focus is on the two titles we announced. We aren't going
to project what other types of Star Trek games we might do in the

Thanks for your feedback.

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Ya, like I knew that, it's probably an auto response robot that interpretted my letter for that response.

Now you know, the titles they are referring to is the handheld PSP and Nintendo DS game - Star Trek: Tactical Assault and the xbox360/PC game - Legacy

written by Gilligan
Is this your last chance to Experience Star Trek?
29.01.2006 18:55:25
CBS Corp. is planning to sell off Paramount Parks, which operates the Star Trek Experience and several amusement parks that have offered Star Trek-themed shows in the past. Since the Las Vegas Hilton was sold last year. there have been rumors that the attraction would be shut down when its contract expired in 2007, after the completion of hotel renovation.
written by Gilligan
Bethesda Softworks Owns ST License across all platforms
26.01.2006 04:50:15
A license previously owned by Activision for all the rights to make Star Trek Games for PC and Consoles has been passed on to Bethesda Softworks, who plan on developing some new titles.
Todd Vaughn, vice president of development for Bethesda Softworks says this: “We have some great ideas about where we want to go with this license and having the exclusive right to develop and publish Star Trek games across all platforms ensures that every Star Trek game will be a quality game worthy of its name.”
Lets hope they boldly go where few developers dare to go with a big franchise and actually make games worth playing.
written by Gilligan
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